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Donny Parenteau School of Music

Weekly Lessons Available

Fiddle - Mandolin - Guitar - Voice

Call (306) 922-2289 for inquiries/bookings



After working for yaers with Donny and performing well over a thousand shows together, I've seen him in every situation imaginable. He has always been a professional, yet wacky enough to be very entertaining never losing his sense of humor. Not only a great player, but a guy who never lost his passion to keep learning and teaching. 

Any time spent with Donny, brings his knowledge and love for music.  Neal McCoy


Donny is one of the most intelligent and creative people I've ever met and the lessons he's taught me I will carry on in many aspects of life even past music.  Josh Stumpf


I've known Donny Parenteau for many years both as an artist and as a friend.

He is without a doubt one of the most talented people I have ever had the good future to knowing and working with. Versatile, accomplished, enthusiastic and original. Working with Donny musically is always a pleasure. As an artist , there is nothing better than working with people who push you to be all you can be. 

As a teacher, Donny has all the skills to inspire others to be their best as he has done for myself and so many other over the years. he is the consummate professional, comfortable playing for thousands or, for a few friends just for the pure enjoyment of the music.

Donny's talent is only eclipsed by his heart and soul and the kindness and generosity of his spirit. it's the man inside that makes him special and that in turn makes his music special.

Honest, caring and loyal, it is a great honour for me to be able to call Donny a friend. Someone whom I respect and admire for all that he is and continues to be.  Jeff Neill ~ Streetheart


Donny doesn't just teach music, he teaches soul. To this day, I accredit much of my fiddle style to him and his instruction, which was not only based in technique, but also developing a good ear. I loved my time as his student and continue to be inspired by him as a musician!  Janaya McCallum,  2020 SCMA Fiddle Player of hte Year.


A little less than 100 years from now, Saskatchewan people will gather at he Legislative Assembly building for the opening of a time capsule. I was honored to be a part of its installation and hate to give away any secrets to those who might live that long...but I placed one of Donny's CDs in that capsule. They will hear a multi instrumentalist, singer-songwriter who has pursued his passions in small halls, grand stages and A-list Nashville tours with the biggest names in the business. He has put us on the map. We are grateful for his music an even more thankful to claim this proud Metis as a son of Saskatchewan. Former Premier of Saskatchewan, Brad Wall

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